How To Clean Bird Poop Off Outdoor Cushions.

Birds can be a beautiful addition to your garden and outdoor space. The sounds of birds chirping and flying around add life to your outdoor space. However, birds can be a nuisance if they decide to leave a present for you in the form of bird poop. 

Bird droppings are known to contain diseases and parasites that cause illness. The bird poop on patio furniture may contain insects and organisms that bring about infections and diseases when humans come in contact. Both wet and dried bird dropping is similarly contagious. When large dried bird poop is disrupted, the particles can be inhaled and goes lung issues. The fungal spores can find their way into your body, affecting your body and respiratory system.

Can bird dropping be harmful?

The answer to the question above is complex. Some bird droppings may contain organisms that can be harmful to our bodies. As discussed earlier, when cleaning dried bird poop off your cushions, the spores can find their way into your respiratory systems, leading to various diseases. 

Prolonged and a considerable accumulation of birds dropping on your outdoor cushions and furniture can be a breeding grow for the fungal spores in the deposits. Old and dried poop is the most continuous compared to the recently wet bird droppings.

If you have a weak immune system, it’s recommended to clean off the bird poop outside to prevent the fungus spores from being contained indoors, where you’ll easily be breathing in the spores. The sooner you clean off the bird poop, will prevent the poop hardening causing the spread of the harmful spores when you’re ready to clean your cushions.

How do I keep birds from pooping on my outdoor furniture?

Birds provide life and a beautiful ambiance that can bring life to your garden. However, birds can’t be potty trained like wild animals. The presence of bird poop in your garden furniture can be unattractive and spread diseases that can affect your daily life.

Controlling the movement and removing the conditions that attract the invasion of birds dropping on your furniture will allow the yard owner to enjoy their backyard.

We will provide tips and strategies for keeping birds off your metal furniture.

  1. Using decoys and scare tactics that keep off birds from your patio: The employment of plastic lures that mimic bird predators that scare the birds away. It uses statues that are natural predators of birds that frequent your backyard. These predators include hawks and eagles that ensure birds that fly near them.
  2. Remove bird feeders near your patio/ yard furniture: The bird feeders attract birds to your yard. The bird feeders are brightly colored, and food brings the birds to your backyard. Having the bird feeders as far away from your patio furniture as possible prevents the birds from congregating and pooping on your furniture,
  3. Apply annoying sounds: Birds are known to be scared and sensitive to sound. Bird repellants like wind chimes can annoy and deter birds from approaching them. Locating your furniture near these repellants can keep birds far away from your furniture.
  4. Avoid placing your patio furniture under a bird’s nest: if you love having birds in your garden. Locate where the bird’s homes are in your garden. Locating the bird’s nest in your garden or backyard will enable you to avoid having your outdoor furniture under the nest and becoming a bird’s target or toilet. 
  5. Trim the dense shrubs: The thicker and more covered your backyard is, the more likely birds will want to have your outdoor space as their home. Birds prefer lush vegetation for protection from large predators. The cover provides concealment that guards the provides a safe home for young birds to grow and thrive. Be sure to trim your hedge and shrubbery. If you encounter a bird’s nest while cutting your space, ensure that the nest is empty with no eggs or baby birds. Leave the nest alone until all the baby birds have moved on. Once the birds leave the nest, you can relocate the nest to a higher elevation away from your outdoor cushions and furniture.

How do you clean bird poop off outdoor cushions?

The first step in cleaning is ensuring you have the right equipment for the job. Here are the tools you’ll need to clean your outdoor furniture cushions:

Disposable butter knife, dull knife, credit card


Paper Towel



Having on your gloves will provide protection and the spread of microbes and fungal spores. As discussed earlier, bird droppings contain harmful parasites and microbes.

It is recommended to allow the bird poop to dry, a wet bird dropping on your cushion will cause the stain to spread and smear the cushions. Letting the bird poop dry will make it easier to use the dull knife to scrape off the surface.

If you are dealing with a wet bird dropping, use the credit card but be careful not to spread and strain the cushion fabric further.

Once the dropping is removed, a wet paper towel is wetting the location affected by the bird dropping. As the fabric continues to absorb the water, introduce the detergent on the water’s surface. 

Clean with a paper towel until the stain has been removed from the cushion surface. 

Once the stain is cleaned off, flush the fabric with cold water. You can hand wash the cushions and leave the cushion air dry.

If your outdoor cushions can be washed in the washing machine, you can certainly machine wash once you have removed the bird dropping with your dull knife or credit card.

In conclusion, these blog posts were not meant to cause any fear or hatred for birds. The goal was to provide tips for handling, cleaning, and protecting your outdoor cushions from bird droppings. 

Knowing how to care for your cushions will allow you to maintain and enjoy your outdoor space for a long time.

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