How To Protect Outdoor Metal Furniture From The Sun?

Metal furniture is known to last long and its durability. The metal can be molded to create beautiful, artistic furniture that adds beauty to your outdoor patio space.

The outdoor elements can lead to the degradation of your metal furniture. Outside, the furniture is exposed to the sun, which can sometimes lead to the removal of the protective coating and rust development.

Understanding how to protect your furniture from excess exposure to the sun can extend the beauty and life of your patio furniture.

The fading of the paint from the metal furniture may make your furniture look tired and sad. Finding suitable protective UV blockers can brighten and enhance the furniture façade and beauty.

Although there is no long-term solution to the harmful effect of UV light causing metal degradation and fading, following the steps provided below will mitigate the damaging effects caused by the sun so that you can enjoy your outdoor leisure furniture for a long time.

UV is the short form for Ultraviolet. The fiery ball in the sky provides the earth with the light needed. UV is the light that is invisible to the naked it reaches the earth’s surface. 

What is the sun’s UV light:

UV light is broken down into three major parts. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, these parts include:

  1. Ultraviolet A rays(UVA) – All UV light is classified by wavelength. UVA is the longest wavelength of the 3. UVA is transmitted through the atmosphere.
  2. Ultraviolet B rays(UVB) are also transmitted through the atmosphere. UVB is absorbed through the Earth’s Ozone layer
  3. Ultraviolet C rays(UVC) – The shortest of the 3 UV rays, all of the rays from UVC are absorbed by the earth’s atmosphere. 

UVA has the longest wavelength, and most of its rays reach the earth’s surface. 

Different parts of the world experience differing levels of UV sunlight exposure. In the tropics, the UV light exposure is year-round, while the extreme north and south poles have long winters with limited sunlight. 

In the summer, some states experience uncomfortably hot temperatures above 115 degrees. The heat and sunlight are enough to wear on exposed metal surfaces. The increase in temperature causes the protective paint year or sealant to chip away and makes the surface susceptible to rust caused by moisture penetration.

An artificial light source also produces UV light, but our primary goal of discussion today is understanding the effects of sunlight on metal furniture.

How Do You Keep Outdoor Furniture From Sun Damage?

Over time, the outdoor elements can cause severe damage to your metal furniture. Prolonged neglect of your patio furniture can make it lose its beauty. Exposure to too much direct sun rays leads to fading and making your expensive-looking furniture look old and rusty. Check out these post on taking care of your metal furniture from rusting.

Limit Exposure To Direct Sunlight.

One of the simplest ways to reduce the exposure of metal furniture to sunlight is by limiting direct exposure to the sun. This can be done by placing the resin under natural or artificial shading. 

Strategically place the patio furniture under a tree or your deck away from direct sunlight. This does not eliminate the sunlight radiation reaching your metal furniture, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Adding cushion covers and pillows.

Long exposure of the metal surface to sun rays can lead to an increase in the temperature of your furniture. The surface can be uncomfortable to sit on and enjoy your patio space. Selecting the right cushions and covers is essential in prolonging the life of your metal furniture.

Choose cushions and covers that properly fit comfortably to your furniture. Allow for material that is waterproof and allows for the surface to breathe. Avoid covers that are too tight and don’t allow your furniture to breathe, as this may lead to the development of mildew and mold.

Painting the metal surface is one of the simplest and cheapest ways of preventing your metal furniture from degrading from the sun’s harmful rays. The paint provides a protective barrier between the metal surface and the corrosive agents. 

The paint barrier prevents the penetration of moisture to the metal surface. The surface needs to be prepped and primed before applying the paint. The paint is aesthetically pleasing and brings the art to life. 

The option in the paint depends on your budget and desired finish of the metal surface. 

Oil-based paint: Oil-based paint is considered durable and highly resistant to moisture and humidity. Oil-based paint is also referred to as alkyd paint. The color provides a glossy finish and is resistant to staining. The glossy finish makes the surface easy to clean.

Latex Paint: Latex is another option to paint your metal surface. However, compared to oil-based paint, latex has a higher chance of chipping. Before applying the color, the surface needs to be primed to allow for proper paint adhesion. 

You can apply rust-resistant primer before applying the latex paint. Typically, the latex takes 15 – 30 minutes to dry completely.  

Spray Paint:   Spray paint can be both water and oil-based. The application of the paint is different from your regular paint. The application is more straightforward and needs to be done in a well-ventilated room. I recommend spraying painting your art outside to prevent exposure to toxic fumes that can harm your respiratory system.

Another benefit of spray paint is its ability to use for hard-to-reach and irregularly shaped artwork. 

Prime and prep the surface before applying the spray paint. This can be achieved by scrapping any excess or old paint from the surface and Sanding down the metal surface to the best of your ability to achieve a clean, dirt-free surface.

It is crucial to consider the furniture’s needs and the environment in which it will be used when selecting a coating. While epoxy paint is water-resistant and can tolerate sunlight and UV rays, powder coating is robust and offered in various colors and textures.

Clear coatings offer protection without changing the way the metal looks. You can prevent corrosion and extend the lifespan of your metal furniture by selecting the correct coating.

Ginny Orenge

Hi, my name is Ginny, home and garden decor ideas is a family business specializing in inspiring you in getting in making your own craft at home. I have also loved creating my own art at home. I hope to share my tips in creating both home and garden decorations that you can be proud off.

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