How To Remove Bird Poop From Metal Patio Furniture.

Is Bird Poop Corrosive To Outdoor Patio Furniture? 

Bird droppings can cause considerable damage to outdoor metal surfaces. Extensive damage can cause damage to your property. Much of the damage is caused by the uric acid contained in bird poop.

The bird-dropping pH level is around 3.5 to 4, which can penetrate through rooftops, walkways, and metal furniture. The protective layer of paint can dissolve, exposing the surface to metal rusting. The bird-dropping reaction to rain turns to ammonia and accelerates the rusting process.

If left unattended for a long time, the bird poop will attract other animals and birds by its smell. These will create more issues as birds flock, causing further damage to your furniture and your entire patio furniture.

Bird droppings are known to contain diseases and parasites that cause illness. The bird poop on patio furniture may contain insects and organisms that bring about infections and diseases when humans come in contact. 

Both wet and dried bird dropping are similarly contagious. When large dried bird poop is disrupted, the particles can be inhaled and goes lung issues. The fungal spores can find their way into your body, affecting your body and respiratory system.

How To Clean Bird Poop Off Metal?

Familiar places and scents attract birds. The bird dropping is a familiar place for birds to come back. Early intervention and cleaning are recommended to prevent the issue from becoming a severe problem. Proper protection and wearing of equipment are needed to avoid spreading diseases and infection.

Here are the lists of protective equipment and tools needed for cleaning bird poop off outdoor furniture.

Latex Gloves


Cleaning detergent

">Disposal paper towel

Steps Of Cleaning Your Metal Patio Furniture.

Cleaning the metal furniture is a simplistic deterrent for birds from returning, causing damage and continued bird dropping on your metal surface. The first step is to collect the gear before cleaning your metal surface.

To start off, put on your gloves, mask, and eye protection. As discussed above, bird dropping contains harmful parasites and microbes. Having the right protective gear will safeguard you from getting infections later on after leaning on your metal surface.

Fill the spray bottle with warm water with about two tablespoons of detergent. Apply a heavy spray of soapy water to prevent the bird poop particles from becoming airborne.

Allow for the soapy water to soak through the bird dropping. With a wet paper towel or disposable rag, lay the paper towel and allow for the rag or damp paper towel to absorb the dropping for 10 to 15 minutes

Once the 10 -15 minutes have passed, remove the wet paper towel and disposable and through them away to prevent further exposure of the dropping to you and your family.

With a water sprinkler, spray down the loose bird dropping. Wet the surface enough with the water hose. With a soapy rug, in a circular motion, lightly rub off the remainder of the bird dropping. Lightly scrub the metal surface to prevent abrasion and scratch the surface. 

Rinse off the remaining detergent and residue bird dropping. 

 With a dry cloth, remove the excess water. Inspect the surface for signs of early corrosion or fading that might lead to rusting. 

If surface damage occurs, apply a small amount of metal polishing compound. Apply the polish and continue inspecting the surface to prevent the expansion of the damage.

How To Keep Bird Poop off Patio Furniture?

Birds provide life and a beautiful ambiance that can bring life to your garden. However, birds can’t be potty trained like any wild bird or animal. 

The presence of bird poop in your garden furniture can be unattractive and spread diseases that can affect your daily life.

Controlling the movement and removing the conditions that attract the invasion of birds dropping on your furniture will allow the yard owner to enjoy their backyard.

We will provide tips and strategies for keeping birds off your metal furniture.

  1. Using decoys and scare tactics that keep off birds from your patio: The employment of plastic lures that mimic bird predators that scare the birds away. It uses statues that are natural predators of birds that frequent your backyard. These predators include hawks and eagles that ensure birds that fly near them.
  2.  Remove bird feeders near your patio/ yard furniture: The bird feeders attract birds to your yard. The bird feeders are brightly colored, and food brings the birds to your backyard. Having the bird feeders as far away from your patio furniture as possible prevents the birds from congregating and pooping on your furniture,
  3.  Apply annoying sounds: Birds are known to be scared and sensitive to sound. Bird repellants like wind chimes can annoy and deter birds from approaching them. Locating your furniture near these repellants can keep birds far away from your furniture.

Does vinegar clean bird poop?

Yes, you can use vinegar to clean bird poop off patio furniture. Vinegar is an effective cleaner and can help remove dirt, grime, and other debris from your metal patio furniture.

 To clean your patio furniture with vinegar, mix white vinegar and water in a spray bottle and spray the solution onto the devices. Let the solution sit for a few minutes, then wipe the tools clean with a towel.

Vinegar is an acid, and as such, it can dissolve rust found on your metal surface. Rust is a form of iron oxide, and when vinegar comes into contact with rust, it breaks down the iron oxide and dissolves it.

 This makes scrubbing the rust easier and restoring your metal surface to its former glory.

In conclusion, vinegar is a cheap, safe, and efficient way to remove rust from metal furniture. It’s an inexpensive approach to maintaining the rust-free condition of your metal furniture for years to come.

 You may save money, conserve the environment, and keep the quality of your patio furniture by using vinegar as a cleaning agent. Test this approach with your outdoor metal furniture to see how it performs. Check out these related posts that provide details on using vinegar to remove rust and corrosion on garden metal surfaces.

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