Do Succulents Like To Be Crowded?

Succulents are social plants that can be used to add life and color to your space. Succulents can be grown in close quarters to each other, but be prepared for your succulents not growing at a slower pace.

Several factors must be considered before planting succulents in a pot or on the ground. The blog post below will cover caring for your succulent plants and planting them in pots and on the ground. We will review each scenario considering the size of your pots, outdoor weather, watering, and light requirements. 

Can you plant succulents different succulents together?

It’s no secret that succulents are native to desert regions and demand intense sunlight. Succulents do well in hot and dry settings. The succulents prefer to have the same or close to these ideal conditions for their growth. Replicating the right conditions for optimal growth of your succulents can be challenging. 

Planting succulents together depends on the pot size you have. The bigger the space of the pot, the more variety you can add to your succulent collection.

Many homeowners prefer to grow succulents in pots because it gives them more design and location options. It’s crucial to pick a pot that is the proper size for the plant and has enough drainage when growing succulents in pots. To stop water from building up around the roots of succulent plants, succulent pots need at least one drainage hole at the bottom.

Succulents require potting soil that drains properly and contains a lot of sand or grit. A mixture of 50% potting soil and 50% perlite or coarse sand is an excellent choice for most succulent plants. Regular garden soil should also be avoided because it can compress and retain too much moisture.

How many succulents are in one pot?

When the time comes to plant your succulent in your pot, consider the size of the pot when potting succulents together. Once you are ready to plant, add soil to your pot. Do not just add the succulent to your pot and add the soil. 

Use a well-draining potting soil created especially for succulents for indoor succulents. Peat moss, perlite, and sand are typically used to create these soils because they offer superior drainage and aeration. Regular potting soil should not be used since it can retain too much moisture and cause root rot.

You can add different varieties of succulents while planting. Ensure that the soil is above the rim of the pot or container that is holding your succulents. Adding the soil above the rim will prevent the water from pooling and causing root rot.

How much water is needed when potting succulents?

Succulents are distinctive from other plant species by their capacity to retain water in their leaves, stems, and roots, making them more drought-tolerant. This means they require less watering than other plants and that underwatering may be worse for succulents than overwatering.

Many variables, including environment, succulent variety, and growing circumstances, affect how frequently succulents must be watered. It’s ideal for letting the soil dry out in between waterings. Depending on the circumstances, this may happen once a week or once a month. Moreover, keep in mind that when succulents go into a dormant season in the winter, plants may require less water then.

You can do a soil moisture test to determine when to water your succulent. If the soil feels dry after inserting your finger about an inch, it’s time to water. For a more precise reading, you can also use a moisture meter. You can modify your watering schedule as you get to know your succulents and their unique requirements.

When watering indoor succulents, wait until the soil is dry between applications. Be careful not to overwater, as this can harm your plants. Water deeply but seldom. Put your indoor succulents in a spot that receives a few hours of bright, indirect sunlight every day.

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How to grow succulents outside.

The outdoor provides you a better opportunity to have many succulents than indoor pots. Depending on your confidence level, you can grow as many succulents as you want. The chances of having an issue with compacting or having your succulent packed together could be much higher.

However, in the chance, you have to consider how close together you can plant succulents. You can plant your succulents together depending on your available space. 

As growing in pots, growing your succulents close together outside will not provide the optimal room and space to grow to their full potential. The root systems of the plants will need more room to spread out and grow into large plants.

Consider spacing out your plants and having them further away from each other.

Your garden area’s size and layout should be considered while planning your succulent arrangement. If you have a considerable space, consider segmenting it into smaller areas, each with its design and appearance.

If your space is limited, you should focus on developing a single, unified style that unifies everything.

A succulent garden is frequently set up using a succession of raised beds. This makes it simple to divide different plant species and designate specific zones in your garden. Construct a frame around the planting area, fill it with soil, and add your plants to raise beds.

In conclusion, the decision to grow your succulent in your pot or outside depends on your available space. The ability of succulents to adapt and thrive in challenging conditions lends itself to those who have little time to worry about watering and constant care like other home plants need.

For the best result for the growth of your succulent, consider the space you have, be it in your pot or outside the succulent area, to allow for easy development of your succulent root system. Provide your succulents with adequate water needed, and don’t overwater them.

Your succulents will thrive if you accomplish and follow the tips we have provided above. Your succulents can thrive in harsh conditions, and providing them with an ideal condition will guarantee you succulents for a long time.

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