How To Protect Outdoor Wood Furniture From Sun Damage.

Wooden patio furniture is a beautiful complement to any outdoor living area, but the sun’s destructive rays may quickly ruin it. Your outdoor furniture may eventually start to fade, fracture, or distort due to exposure to the sun’s UV radiation.

Knowing how to maintain and protect your wood furniture prolongs the lifespan of your furniture. Purchasing wood furniture that is coated with UV and waterproof protective sealant will help your furniture last longer. The additive provides a shine and fresh look to your furniture as well.

This blog post will discuss how to clean and maintain outdoor wooden furniture and shield wood from sun damage.

How Does the Sun Damage Wooden Patio Furniture?

The sun can cause significant damage to wooden patio furniture through a process called photodegradation. When wood is exposed to sunlight, ultraviolet (UV) rays break down the lignin, a natural glue-like substance that holds the wood fibers together.

This causes the wood to lose its natural color and become faded, discolored, and gray over time. UV rays can also dry out the wood and cause it to crack and split, leading to structural damage and a shorter lifespan for your furniture.

In addition to UV deterioration, sun heat may warp, bend, and twist wooden patio furniture over time. The expansion and contraction of the wood due to high temperatures can weaken and destroy the joints and fasteners. 

Keep wooden patio furniture covered or shaded when not in use, apply protective coatings and finishes, and regularly clean and oil the wood to maintain it moisturized and avoid drying and cracking if you want to keep your wooden patio furniture from being damaged by the sun.

How Do I Protect Wooden Furniture from Sun Damage?

To keep your wooden furniture looking suitable and lasting long, you must protect it from sun damage. Here are some pointers for preventing solar damage to wood:

Keep the furniture covered. This is the simplest technique to shield wooden furniture from the sun. When the furniture isn’t in use, move it to a shady location or use a furniture cover to do this

Create a Shade area: An umbrella may offer shade and shield your hardwood furniture from the sun in your outdoor sitting area.

Apply a protective coating: Sealing or staining your wooden furniture with a protective coating will help shield it from the sun’s damaging rays. To assist in avoiding fading and damage, look for a product that gives UV protection.

Rotate your furniture: Rotating your furniture periodically can help to even out the wear and tear caused by the sun. This can help to prevent fading and warping over time.

How To Repair Wood Furniture Damages by the Sun

There are techniques to repair wooden furniture that has already suffered solar damage. Here are some suggestions for fixing sun-related damage to wood furniture:

Sand the surface:  Before sanding the wood surface, ensure the wood is dry. The first rule is sanding with the grain. Identify the direction of your wood grain. 

If you’re sanding by hand, use a wood block with the sandpaper, as the wood block provides a better grip. Start off with a finer grade of sandpaper and progressively increase the grade of sandpaper.

Sand the whole wood furniture with one grade of sandpaper before changing to a different grade of sandpaper. 

Wipe off any excess sanded wood to avoid the accumulation of sanded wood on your sandpaper. 

Stain or paint the wood:  The most important decision when deciding to repaint your furniture is the function of the paint you select. Consider the environment that your furniture is in. 

In a dry area, UV protection is important to provide protection from sun damage. For humid conditions, consider paint that is moisture resistant as well and UV protection. 

Acrylic paint has a variety of colors and needs protection in every environment. Apply the paint per the manufacturer’s instructions. Acrylic paint has the ability to weather the change in temperature, allowing your furniture to contract and expand in the outdoor elements.

How To Clean Outdoor Wooden Furniture

Cleaning your outdoor wooden furniture is essential for maintaining its appearance and longevity. Here are some tips on how to clean outdoor wooden furniture:

Remove any debris: Before cleaning your wooden furniture, remove any debris or dirt from the surface using a soft-bristled brush or a dry cloth.

 Use a mild cleaner: Use a mild cleaner, such as dish soap mixed with water, to clean the surface of the wood. Be sure to rinse the surface thoroughly with clean water after cleaning.

Avoid pressure washing: Avoid using a pressure washer to clean wooden furniture, as high pressure can cause damage to the wood. Power washers are a quick and efficient way of cleaning your furniture. However, the high-pressure water will remove the UV protection and cause your paint to chip.

If the power wash is the only alternative, use the power wash in the low setting as possible.

Dry thoroughly: After cleaning, be sure to dry the surface of the wood thoroughly to prevent moisture from soaking in.

How to Apply UV Protection for Outdoor Wooden Furniture

Applying UV protection to your outdoor wooden furniture is essential in preventing sun damage. Here are some tips on how to apply UV protection for outdoor wooden furniture:

Choose the right product: Look for a product that is specifically designed for outdoor wooden furniture and offers UV protection.

Clean the surface: Before applying for the UV protection, clean the wood’s surface thoroughly and let it dry completely.

Apply UV protection: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for applying the UV protection product. Generally, you’ll need to apply the product with a brush or spray and let it dry completely before using the furniture again.

Reapply as needed: UV protection treatments can fade over time, so reapply the product on a regular basis to guarantee sustained protection.

To keep your outdoor wooden furniture looking good and lasting long, you must protect it from sun damage. You can make sure that your wooden furniture keeps looking beautiful for many years to come by using the advice in this article for cleaning, repairing, and preserving it. 

To preserve your furniture from sun damage, keep it covered, carry an umbrella, coat it with a protective material, rotate it, and clean it frequently. If your furniture has already sustained damage, fill in any fractures, sand the surface, and then paint or stain it again before reapplying UV protection. 

Your outdoor wooden furniture will be a lovely and valuable addition to your outdoor living space if you follow these instructions.

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