How To Keep Ants Off Patio Furniture.

Your patio is a great place to enjoy the sun and have fun with your family. The patio can be used for having your dinner as the sun sets or hosting parties. Ants are attracted mainly by food particles that can be left out on the porch furniture. The food source will result in ants finding it and returning to the source for food for their colonies.

Removing the food source from the ants to find and return is usually easier. Denying the ants the lure of them coming onto your patio will prevent them from using the patio as their grocery store. However, you can bring ants to your porch when you have big gatherings or dinners on your patio. Cleaning off your patio after dinner and parties will reduce the chances of ants finding food and returning for more.

Sometimes, ants might set up a colony underneath your patio or backyard. Eradicating this problem can be challenging if this is your first time facing this problem. 

This blog post will discuss natural ways of eradicating this problem. The methods below will teach you how to keep ants out of your patio furniture and get you back to enjoying your outdoor space.

How To Keep Ants Off Patio Furniture.

If you have ever experienced or a currently experiencing an ant infestation. You can understand how a nuisance they can be. Enjoying your outdoor space is taken away as you don’t want the ants to crawl on your body, family, or guest. 

Here are several reasons why the ants found a way to make your patio their home.

Standing water: To survive, ants need water. Any moisture or standing water on your patio or outdoor space can attract ants looking to quench their thirst. If the water source is constant and reliable, more ants will trek to visit this well.

The standing water can be a puddle or leaky garden hose next to your patio. Locate any standing water or pools of water before ants find and use its water source.

Food Source: The presence of food on your patio will result in streams of ants matching in your patio furniture. Ants are attracted by different kinds of food. The number one choice for ants is sugars. The swarms of ants can quickly invade your porch once the scout ant has discovered the sugar source.

Ants can also eat foods known to contain carbohydrates, fats, and protein. I hope not to cause you to fear eating outside on your patio furniture. Enjoy dining in your outside space, but always clean and ensure no food particles are left on the patio. After your family or guest party, clean your patio furniture and patio to prevent ants from paying you a visit. 

How to get rid of ants on patio.

The ants have found your patio furniture and are looking for solutions to remove them. The tips provided below are meant to prevent ants from returning to your furniture.

These simple tips are meant to be safe for you and your family.

Locate the ants next that lead to the ants finding their way to your patio. Some ants can travel long distances to your deck, seeking food. The search may take time to find, but once you can locate the source, the likelihood of eradicating the ants from the patio is higher.

Simple Remedies For Removing Ants.

Coffee Grounds: Ants hate the smell of coffee grounds. Find the entrance or hole that the ants are accessing through your patio. The coffee grounds can be placed on the ant hill entrance. The smell will repel the ants, eventually causing them to leave the colony. 

Seal all Opening for Your enclosed Patio: For an enclosed patio, seal all openings so that ants can penetrate your patio space. The barrier will prevent the ants from accessing your space. The seal can be enhanced by placing natural repellents like cinnamon or cayenne pepper.

Vinegar: Spraying vinegar is a simple remedy to eradicate and kill ants from your patio. Having the vinegar poured into a sprinkler bottle. Mix the vinegar with water in a 1 to 1 ratio. Spray the vinegar mix on the opening, allowing the ants to access the patio. 

Lemon Juice: Lemon juice is acidic and is known to deter and mask the scent in food. This DIY solution to your ant problem can be sprayed on your patio furniture and patio to mask the smell of food after every gathering and family meal. 

Mix in a spray bottle of lemon juice with water in a ratio of 1 to 1. This simple remedy will not only ask the smell of ants to find a food source but also has a pleasant scent on your patio furniture.

The best deterrent for ants on your patio furniture is by applying preventative measures by cleaning your outdoor patio furniture after every meal with your loved ones. Remove all standing water sources in your patio or backyard that the ants can use for sustenance.

The presence of ants on your furniture can not be the cause of not enjoying your furniture. The removal of ants, hills, and colonies in your yard can be accomplished by using DIY remedies that have been discussed above. The simple tips can be done with readily everyday ingredients that you can find in your pantry. 

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