Can You Make Concrete Art Using Plastic Molds?

Cement statues are durable and can be a great decorative item for both indoor and outdoor decor. In its semi-liquid state cement can be molded to fit your imagination and desired end goal. 

When it comes to making cement art pieces, the right type of mold is needed to help create the best end product for your cement decor. One type of mold that is commonly used is plastic mold. You can use common household plastic items to shape your cement, create your own mold, or explore already-created molds.

Plastic molds can also be purchased online, or at specialty stores, such as art stores, cake decorating stores, or even some specialty hardware stores. These molds can be easily used to form cement to assist you in making beautiful art pieces. Plastic molds are readily available, but you need a releasing agent to separate the concrete from the plastic mold. Concrete can release from most plastics without a release agent, but your chances of it becoming stuck or deforming your piece are much greater without using it.

 While curing the concrete undergoes an exothermic reaction, causing the concrete to heat. Most of the time, this reaction stays below 120 Fahrenheit, but the larger the piece, the hotter it becomes. Taking this in mind, plastic is best for pieces that use less than 10 lbs of concrete, or use very thick, heavy-duty plastic. 

Plastic molds are easy to buy for a beginner who would like to dabble in creating cement art pieces. The users can purchase plastic molds that can be used to make their indoor artwork and create garden art pieces.

Pros of Plastic Molds.

Plastic molds are inexpensive 

Making cement art using homemade plastic molds requires you to use your imagination and think outside the box. The process can require you to use one or several containers to come up with the final product. 

To make a planter, you may only need an oval water basin and carefully power the cement into the bowl. Let the contents dry. The final product will mimic the shape of the container it was placed in.

However, with this process, you may be limited in the finer details of the final product. Making cement art pieces from readily available household plastics does require a skillful hand to produce a product that has fine and exquisite details.

Plastic molds can be purchased online or at your local hardware stores. The plastic molds have been specifically cast to create a specific design. The plastic molds can range from pavers and pillars. It’s easier to make cement art pieces from premade molds to have finer details and a precise end product.

The plastic molds found in hardware stores are used to make large garden art pieces. The most common plastic molds are cement pavers. You can have several designers of pavers with different shapes and embossed art. Plastic molds pillars are the second most popular plastic molds. These pillars can be used to make railing on a balcony or can be decorative in your garden.

Plastic molds are a good starting point for beginners.

As a beginner using plastic molds are a great start to experiment and improve your skills. With the ease of finding plastic mold around your home. You can practice your skills and not have to spend on expensive mold options and learn and improve your technique. 

With the different plastic materials around you, you can mold as many items as you desire. The process does require you to think outside the box indoors to produce what you intended to.

You can use your existing plastic planters to create your first concrete piece. You can make a variety of planters depending on the number and designs available at your disposal

With time your skills will improve and you’ll be able to delve into purchasing silicone molds. The skills learned during the plastic mold phase can be easily transferred over to making more sophisticated and expensive molds.

Cons of Plastic Molds.

Plastic molds have limited use

1. Durability: Plastic molds can’t be used several times. Depending on the number of uses, the more times the mold has been used the likelihood of its degradation. With the increase in use, the strength and elasticity of the mold are diminished. One has to have the skill and experience in using plastic mold.

2 . Lack of Versatility: Unlike silicone molds, plastic molds lack the ability to be manufactured at home. That is why plastic mold can only be bought from specialty stores that make the plastic mold. The creation of these plastic molds requires special tools and expertise.

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